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Vision India Charity Visit

- Sinead Ellison (Charity Liaison) and Anne Olivier (Events Team)

Our recent OWC Charity visit brought lots of smiles and laughter to the ladies who live in Vision India. It also allowed OWC members to realise the concrete contribution the club makes to help Vision India, and what their needs are.

Originally founded in 1996, Vision India runs a residential facility which currently accommodates 43 mentally ill and destitute women and has a dedicated team of trained staff. Their primary goal is the psychosocial rehabilitation of vagrant/wandering women found on the streets of Bangalore.

Creative Therapy Session – Bracelets are a perfect gift!

It was great to be able to visit, meet the ladies and share a smile. We helped them in their creative and therapeutic session with bracelet making and fingernail painting (who does not smile looking at their fabulous nails!). The beautiful glass bracelet beads, sourced from Varanasi, make a wonderful gift and are available for sale from Vision India, through our Charity Shop

Hitting the Headlines…..our visit also made it to the Deccan Herald!!


Looking for volunteers

The Vision India team do amazing work and it felt like one big family. Our OWC charities are always looking for volunteers who help in these creative therapeutic sessions, so if you can make origami or are a yoga instructor and can spare an hour or two please contact Liav on 91 96503 23963.

A BIG Thank You

The OWC impact is far greater than a smile as it supports up to 10 months of much needed medication. We would like to say a big thank you to each of you, your membership fees make a real difference to people's lives. We look forward to sharing more smiles in the near future.

Ending the day with smiles & laughter



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