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Mission Statement

OUR STORY began over 25 years ago when Frances Rao, Susheela Thomas and Susanne Peris, our current board of trustees, were some of the earliest members of the club. The club has helped over 6000 people settle in Bangalore since then, from foreigners here on a fixed-term contract to Indians who have returned after being away from India for over 10 years 

OWC Founders
OWC Community
August North Coffee Morning

OUR COMMUNITY is here to welcome you while you navigate the bewildering task of making Bangalore your new home. You can join us at any of our coffee mornings because there is nothing like a friendly chat to help you resolve issues like domestic help, a trusted doctor, traffic traumas or finding those much-missed products from home. 

OUR EVENTS are where our members connect. We work towards organising many opportunities for members to meet, whether it is at our 6 coffee mornings around the city, cultural events, road trips or a night out.  We also have a monthly working womens group and childrens activities plus weekly bridge, canasta, mahjong and walking groups. Watch our calendar and be ready to get busy once were back to our normal schedules. You can also volunteer an idea or organise an event.


DISCOUNTS: the OWC membership card pays for itself within a month if you attended the coffee mornings! As well as the many free events, your card offers discounts at many brands across Bangalore from spas to fine dining, shopping to beauty salons, travel to health facilities.

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OWC CHARITIES, a registered charitable organisation, has a dedicated committee which audits every single charity to ensure that they are genuine. We offer advice when asked to ensure that money raised is spent in the best way. We are able to support 16 charities around the city which gives you an opportunity to help a good cause.

OWC World of Discounts around Bangalore

Interested in joining?

Ultimately our aim is to help people connect, support and have fun in this unique, exciting, sometimes crazy city that is Bangalore. Convinced? Become a member today!


You need to have a foreign passport to become a member of the OWC. As an Indian citizen you can become a member if you have been out of the country for 10 consecutive years and join the club within the first year of returning to India.


All you need to do is contact our MEMBERSHIP TEAM and they will help you with your application.

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