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Finding My Passion

New Member, Amany Trhi in conversation with Charities Liaison, Sinead Ellison

“Moving to a new country is daunting and the OWC has been my lifeline,” shared Amany who recently moved from California. “From making new friends, learning about this wonderful country through the amazing events to pushing me out of my comfort zone at a recent charity visit the OWC is having such an impact on my life. I shared with one of the OWC Charity Liaison members at a coffee morning that I wanted to volunteer but had doubts if I would emotionally be able to do it and what I could do to help."

Volunteer Locally – Understand what is needed

"The charity team organized a visit to the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation who runs a crèche for 130 children of construction and domestic workers from the slums around Indiranagar. They support the Resurrection School for up to 250 older children, provide help with homework, a space to study after school, feed the hungry and run urban empowerment of women self-help groups (for approx. 450 women)."

Starting with Baby Steps

"Seeing first hand the much needed work the Dominican Sisters do for the community touched my heart and I wanted to help them in any way I could. Many people who cannot afford food suffer in silence and being able to donate free meals and help to serve it really opened my eyes."

Finding My Passion

"I will never forget my time at the Dominican Sisters as I believe it is the start of something more. What that is I am not sure as yet, but I know there are endless opportunities to volunteer at one of the 16 OWC Supported Charities. I know the OWC Charities team are keeping their eyes open for opportunities for me."

A word from the Charity team:

Our OWC charities are always looking for volunteers who can help in many ways. It can be creative therapeutic sessions, origami workshops, help with homework, conversing in English, a yoga session or any other hobby or skill you have, please contact Liav on+ 91 96503 23963.



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