The OWC has been established for over 25 years with some of the first members Susheela Thomas, Susanne Perris and Frances Rao now serving on the board of trustees. Over the past 20 years, the OWC has helped over 6000 people settle in Bangalore, from foreigners coming for a fixed-term contract to returning Indians who have been away for over 10 years. 

Our primary aim is to create a warm, welcoming community in Bangalore. The ‘Garden City’ can be a difficult place to navigate at times, with issues from traffic to domestic help to finding much-missed products from home. We recognise that there is importance in finding friends, not just in the whole city, but in your local area. With our Facebook group, WhatsApp communities and myriad events across the city, we hope to connect individuals for support, information and of course, a friendly chat!

In connecting people, sometimes only the personal touch will do. Events form the pinnacle of how our members connect, whether it’s a coffee morning or a cultural event, a road trip or a night out. As well as the 6 coffee mornings every month across the city, we have the working women’s group, the English conversation group, the walking group, cultural celebrations, gourmet dining, children’s activities and many other events, including ones local to your area. It’s a fabulous way to meet both like-minded people and people with a totally different background – both make for lifelong friends. So mark your calendars!


The OWC is a registered charitable organisation, which supports over 20 charities around the city. In Bangalore one often wishes to support a good cause but, as foreigners, are unsure of whether we are really helping or perhaps exacerbating the issues. The OWC has a dedicated charity committee who audits every single charity to ensure that the charities are genuine and offer advice when asked to ensure that money raised is spent in the best way.

Everyone loves a bargain and the truth about the OWC card is that it can pay for itself within a month, if you attended just the coffee mornings! As well as the many free events, your card offers a discount at many great brands across Bangalore from spas to fine dining, from shopping to beauty salons.


Ultimately our aim is to help people connect, support and have fun in the unique, exciting, sometimes crazy city that is Bangalore. Convinced? Become a member today! All you need to do is download the printable membership form, fill it in and come to one of our events with a photocopy of your passport page* and a passport-sized photograph of yourself. 


*To become a member of the OWC, you need to either have a foreign passport or, if you are an Indian citizen, to have been out of the country for over 10 years and join within the first year of arriving.


Email in advance to be sure of a smile on arrival at any of our coffee mornings

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