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OWC Members Support Charities Through Knowledge Sharing

- Sinaed Elison & Silvie Claes, Charity Liaisons

Knowledge Sharing 

In the midst of the summer heat, the OWC charity team organized an online workshop for

our 16 supported charities with 18 people attending. Our guest speaker was Mrs. Orit

Shulman, VP Events of OWC. Mrs. Orit has over 16 years of experience in the field of

fundraising and consulting across multiple continents, from Europe, Israel to the US.


Sharing practical knowledge of the Golden Rules of Fundraising (what is an Elevator

Pitch, Cold calls vs Warm calls, and Key players in the funding arena) ensures 

that best approaches are adopted or renewed. All these learnings aim to help our OWC

supported charities to move the needle in a positive direction (thank you Orit). 


Make a Difference

Given the great response and feedback we are looking for more possibilities to share

knowledge with our charities on similar topics. 


Do reach out to me, Liav, VP Charity: +91 96503 23963, if you are interested in working with our charities, sharing your knowledge and passion that can benefit them.



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