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- Hazel Kocherla, Webmaster

Judith Paulin and I joined the OWC on the same day at a Leela Coffee Morning in 2017. Irvine, her husband, had accompanied her and we chatted for a while about activities in and around Bangalore and the OWC. They were planning to live in Whitefield as Judith had taken a post at The Bangalore International School. Irvine was looking forward to playing as much golf as possible now that he had retired and I knew I’d found a golf buddy for my newly retired husband, CK, who had similar ambitions. We were new to Bangalore and he was always looking for people to golf with.

A couple of weeks later CK mentioned he needed one more golfer to complete a four ball. I remembered Irvine and CK emailed to see if he could play. What followed was a comfortable friendship between two men who shared a passion for golf.

Two years passed and CK told me that Judith had got a job in Malaysia and they would be moving soon. We invited them for dinner and Judith and I laughed about how we'd met on our first day with OWC and their last night in Bangalore and how we'd kept in touch only through our husbands. That's the magic of OWC, there’s something for everyone.


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