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Shining the Light on Child Care India

- Deb Farrar, President

Since first joining the OWC I have been impressed with the work done by the Charity Committee and now as President, I am keen to see more first hand.

Last week Lone Troldborg & I made a visit to the Divine Mercy School, part of the charity we know as Child Care India. What an inspiring place! This charity has been supported by the OWC since it started in 2008 and although it still has some financial challenges, it is a thriving community school. This years exam results were something they are immensely proud of & rightly so!

It educates 400 boys and girls from kindergarten to age 15. 40 of the boys are orphans and live in, the remainder are children from families who live, literally, in local refuse areas and quarries. Without this school, they would receive no education at all. They are what is known as ‘first generation learners’, in that their parents have never received any education to be able to pass on to their children.

There will be a more detailed article on our visit in September's Rangoli but in the meantime, I’m happy to report that, OWC members, you can be very proud of what is done here with your donations!!


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