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How We Contribute to the Community

- Tammy Jifri - Charity Liaison

The OWC Grant Process is the culmination of all the fundraising that happens throughout the year driven by the various events that the volunteers put on and members participate in. It’s how we give back to our community in a meaningful way through the charities we support. This year we were very pleased to be able to help all the sixteen charities we support by either sustaining the work that they do or by enhancing it. So where did the grant funds go and how does this monetary support help? Below we share how some of your contributions impact and change lives across Bangalore.

500 students from slums and quarries received notebooks and school supplies. These children come from the poorest economic backgrounds and, with a good education, they are able to change not just their own lives but uplift those of their families. Through charities like Child Care, students from humble families thrive. For example, this year three of their Year 10 students had applied for nursing programmes. These are highly competitive programmes and all three students were successful in enrolling. They are children of single parents, domestic workers or daily wage labourers, some of whom are alcoholics. The chance of a good education opened up a whole new world for them and empowers them to lift their families out of poverty.

This year the government of Karnataka stipulated that vehicles over 15 years old are no longer deemed to be road worthy. Accept Society, which looks after a very vulnerable population of poor and destitute people, had a 17 year old ambulance that needed replacing. The ambulance is vital for the service that they provide in caring for these individuals either to bring them to their care facility or to take them to the hospital. They use the ambulance daily. The grant fund was able to contribute towards a new ambulance so that they can continue to provide care.

Several of our charities like Navachetana, Vision India and Asha Foundation care for indivuals with HIV and the mentally ill. The grants they received this year will go towards lifesaving anti-retroviral therapy and psychosis medication allowing those under their care to live with dignity.

It takes a village is a phrase that really holds true for the charities. They need support staff to help maintain the ecosystem that they provide. Dena Seva, Shristi and Navachetna were all able to keep or hire staff that carry out essential tasks. This enables the charities to keep functioning by providing the care to those in their care homes, mental health facilities and schools.

There are many forms of therapy and the folks at Asha Niketan use candle making as an important part of their mental well-being and rehabilitation programme for adults in their care with mental disabilities. Not only does this give them a way of contributing back to society, but it gives them a sense of purpose and pride - their beautiful candles were available

at the OWC Christmas Bazaar and last year some members were able to see and participate in the candle making process through a charity visit. The grant fund this year will provide them with 8 months supply of paraffin wax.

Good nutrition goes a long way and is a pillar of good health. OWC has always generously given to food programmes through charities like Ashraya, which provides crèche facilities and Jagruthi, which provides nutrition packs for pregnant and lactating mothers. This year 105 children between the ages of 3-6 will receive their meals at 3 crèche locations in the city. Pregnant women in the largest slum areas will receive special nutrition packs to support a healthy pregnancy; improving the health of the mother, lowering infant mortality and increasing birth weight of babies.

Through your membership and participation in events, YOU, our members, have made an impact on changing lives and livelihoods. Your contributions helped the OWC continue its mission of being a club with a heart. The charities, all of us on the Charity Committee, the Board Members and all the volunteers couldn’t thank you enough!


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