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Goods Drive 2023 Thank you Bangalore, Thank you OWC

- Liav Shamriz, VP Charities Between 27th of March and 2nd of April our charity team conducted a Bangalore-wide Spring Clean. We hoped to gather as many items as we could to distribute among the charities we support. I must admit that in the weeks before "The Clean", I was slightly nervous, hoping for a good turnout. We really didn't know what to expect and I just didn't want to disappoint our charities who, to some extent, really need second hand goods in order to operate.

Well, how did it go? Beyond expectations! But let me walk you through some numbers, so you can decide.

  • 12 hosts designated space in their houses and gathered goods from neighbours, labelled and arranged goods so we could distribute easily.

  • 76 donors. Many are not OWC members but caring residents of this great city who want to make it a better place.

  • 250 boxes filled with used clothes, old toys, board games, books, old furniture and even a washing machine and a dryer.

  • 7 cars to collect the goods and take them to the charities. Some of the cars went back and forth around Bangalore in order to keep up with the amount of donations. In one case, we even needed to bring a small truck (!!!!) because a car wasn’t enough.

  • 2 of my charity team members enabled the whole operation: Heather and Sinead. Without their ability, creativity and dedication none of it could have happened.

  • 16 charities are overjoyed with goods they received and will use it to improve the lives of hundreds of our most vulnerable Bangaloreans.

And last, I must give a HUGE 'Thank You' to Bangalore and OWC members for their

generosity. They all made a difference and Bangalore is a better place thanks to you!

To learn more about OWC Charities, please visit:


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