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Chummy Chum entertains OWC Supported Charities

- Tammy Jifri, Charity Liaison

When Martina Mullins, OWC’s Charity Committee Secretary, met the team behind Chummy Chum at an event at ProVision, an OWC supported charity, she knew that the joy they spread was something that would be enjoyable for many of the children at other OWC backed charities. She spoke with them to see if they would like to entertain more of our charities, which amazingly they did!

Chummy Chum is the CSR programme that was set up by Sunder Genomal who runs a very successful garment company headquartered in Bangalore. They run a programme called Smile For Me Little One, which takes the form of a special children’s event centred around the loveable character of Chummy Chum, who is a cute baby dinosaur.

He is a happy character with a loving purpose and his mission is to spread happiness and put a smile on the face of every child he comes in contact with.

During this event, fresh popcorn and cotton candy are distributed along with special prizes and gift items. Every child over 4 years of age gets a Chummy Chum coloring book and crayons, while toddlers get Chummy Chum stuffed dolls. Chummy Chum arm bands are also given to the little kids.

A Chummy Chum mascot dance performance is always the highlight of the event. On some occasions, sponsored food, drinks, toys, and cookies are also distributed to the children. This program aims to bring about happiness and is emotionally uplifting for the children. It aims to make them feel loved and not alone. The programme successfully brings enjoyment, amusement and lighthearted pleasure to the children.

Approximately 1500 children across twelve OWC supported charities stand to benefit from this programme and Chummy Chum has already visited Ashraya, Deena Seva and Child Care, where 525 gift bags were distributed for Children’s Day on November 14. Over the course of November and December, Chummy Chum have visited 9 more charities spreading seasonal joy and cheer. He has been very well received by children and staff of the charities and all in all it has been a very positive collaboration.


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