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A Floral Event

- Josephine Deelan, OWC Member

Last Monday some of us OWC members met at Meghaa Modi Design Studio. It wasn’t easy to find as they had just moved but with google maps supporting us we all got there!

We were warmly welcomed to a very clean and tidy studio. First we learned how to set up a basis by arranging the first few flowers in a particular way into the block of oasis. Following that we were shown how to make our show piece.

There was a large choice of flowers in a variety of colors to suit all of our tastes. Tea was served as a refreshment while we were working.

Our instructor made it all look very easy but most of us were grateful for some helping hand. We all left with a beautiful flower piece that we were happy to take home. We also had a lot of fun together.

In case you are interested, the studio provides a complete course in 10 lessons where you will learn different kinds of techniques.


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