Balancing Rocks


Hi there, here's a little about me....

My name is Shoba Khubchandani, I am Sindhi, my ancestors hailed from Hyderabad, Sindh in Pakistan. I was born in Pune, grew up in Gibraltar, married and started my family in West Africa and my husband and I have finally retired in India. 

I work from home designing clothes and jewellery. I used to travel a lot before the pandemic but now I cook a lot, talk a lot, clean a lot, watch too many movies and read a little. 

I love my life.... pandemic or no pandemic, I'm happy! - Salud 

The Universe Is Sending You Signs ._
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1 - Life Under Lockdown
2 - Life’s Trials
3 - Forgiveness
4 - Gratitude
5 - The Power of Giving
6. The Power Within
7. Finding your true self
8. Be Willing to Change
9. My Story
10. Self Image, Respect, Pride, Ego
11. Happiness
12. Unhitch
13. Our Thoughts
14. Just for today I will not anger
15. Coincidence
16. Agreeing With Criticism
!7. We Become a Part of Our Everyday World
18. Trusting Intuition
19. Create Your Own Merit
20. Understanding
21. Purpose in Life
22. Holding Grudges
23. Limiting Beliefs
24. Blessings
25, Your Words Become Your Reality
26. A Poem ..._
27. Slowly is the Way .._
28. Authenticity